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How to pack clothes for riding to work

How to pack clothes for riding to work

Have you always been keen to ride to work, but not keen to crush all the clothes you just spent all of Sunday night ironing? You don’t have a locker to store a work week’s worth of clothes? Well, fear not, for the dedicated TriHards have encountered this problem themselves, and come up with a solution; a way to pack work clothes so they don’t get creased or crushed, so that you’ll look fresh and crisp at work.

1. Get a Towel

Put a towel flat
Yes, that grey blob is supposed to be a towel!

Get a nice, large towel, preferably a relatively thick (but not fluffy!) one. Spread it out flat on a nice, even surface, such as your bed.

2. Lay your shirt

Lay the shirt flat on the towel
Yes, that's supposed to be a shirt.

Lay your shirt nice and flat on the towel. Spread the arms out to each side, and try to make sure it’s as even as possible (ie no big folds or creases in it).

3. Put your tie on

Put your tie on your shirt
Again, that is a tie!

Put your tie down the left-hand side of the shirt. Of course you wear a tie! This whole article is about how to be healthy by riding to work and looking professional when you get to work; how can you look professional without a tie? If you don’t have a tie, stop reading now, go to the closest shops and buy some. It’s okay, the article will still be here when you get back.

If you wear a singlet or some sort of undershirt, lay that on top of the tie and shirt as well.

4. Put your pants on

Lay your pants across the top

Now, lay your pants down the left hand side of the shirt. Put the bottom of the pants up next to the collar, so that they don’t wind up crushing the collar. Place them so that they are entirely left of the buttons of the shirt (it’s okay if they run over the left side onto the towel).

5. Cross the arms

Fold the arms across
Hug your pants!

Now fold the arms across the pants, make sure they’re nice and flat so they don’t get any creases.

6. Fold the towel

Fold the top and bottom of the towel in
First, fold the top and bottom of the towel.
Now fold the towel across
Fold the towel in half

Now, fold the towel. Start by folding the top and bottom over to cover the clothes (but don’t fold the clothes underneath). Then loosely fold the right-hand side of the towel over onto the left with the shirt underneath; up to the button line (so you don’t fold the pants).

7. Roll the towel

Now all you have to do is loosely roll the towel up and put it in a bag. Then you can put the whole lot into a backpack or panniers. When you get to work, just unroll the towel, and you’ll have clothes ready for action!

Okay, okay, below are some pictures so you don’t have to rely on those bodgey sketches!

Put the towel flat
The towel laid out flat.
Place the shirt flat on the towel.
Place the shirt flat on the towel
Put your tie on the shirt
Lay your tie out flat on the shirt
Lay the pants on the left-hand side
Now lay the pants down on the left hand side
Make sure the legs are up near the collar
Ensure the legs are up near the collar
Fold the arms across the pants
Fold the arms across the pants.
Fold the top and bottom of the towel in
Fold the top and bottom of the towel in
Fold the towel across
Fold the towel across
Roll the towel up
Loosely roll the towel up.