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The Faster Way to Dry Shoes

The Faster Way to Dry Shoes

Stepping in a puddle
Yup, that'll be wet now!

You know, you can do what you like with shoes: hang them on the line, put them in a sunny spot, and they just don’t dry through for days. And, let’s face it, not many of us are Imelda Marcos and have shoes to spare. Mine are getting soaked every morning when Max takes me for a run - and there’s nothing worse than putting on a cold pair of shoes in the morning.

But you can dry them in just a matter of hours, even in miserable weather. Just stuff them full of newspaper - you can use other paper, even brochures and the like, so long as it’s not glossy paper.

First, loosen the laces of your shoes. Then scrunch up your paper, and just start stuffing it in. Once your shoe is chockablock, put it somewhere in the sun - hang it from the line if it’s a nice day or, if it’s not such a nice day, put them on a windowsill. Give them a couple of hours, and pull the paper out - you’ll find it’s absorbed a lot of water. If the shoe is still wet, just repeat the process.

Shoe drying on windowsill
Stuffed, and drying