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A TriHards Record is broken!

16 February 2011

16 February 2011

A TriHards Record is broken!

Hundreds of competitors stood around unaware as history was made last weekend at the third race in the 2010-11 AROC Paddy Pallin series. At approximately 2:00 on Saturday, 12 February 2011, the long-held aspirations of the Area51 (aka Sydney) TriHards were realised. Months, if not years, of preparation, training and persistence had finally paid off; they had finally beaten the Canberra TriHards in an AROC Paddy Pallin event. Subsequently shouts of jubilation could be heard from as far away as New Zealand, where McFly’s relatives put down their sheep and picked up their beers to toast their favourite son’s victory.

Area51 TriHards coming through the finish arch.

This victory has been counted and countered amongst the TriHards fraternity, despite the vigorous protests of the Cap’n, who was doubly disappointed in this event. First, his own team, the TweeHards, still smarting from the gruelling, almost classic length of the novice course in November (and, to add insult to injury, they didn’t get to go on the waterslide!) withdrew from the running. Fortunately for him, Father Brendan had to drop out of the Canberra TriHards as he pursued his dreams of a property empire on the Central Coast, opening up a place for the Cap’n. Unfortunately, just two days before the race, the Cap’n twisted his ankle during the Runners Shop Twilight Series event at Mt Rogers in Spence and wound up having to drop out of the race again.

Matters grew even more dire for the Canberra TriHards when the Cyborg, whose resting pulse had dropped to that of an elite athlete overnight, was checked into hospital (due to not being an elite athlete). Doctors suggested installing more medical enhancements in the form of a pacemaker; however Cyborg refused when he realised they didn’t have one that went to 11. Subsequently, they wouldn’t let him leave until he completed a stress test, consisting of powerwalking on a treadmill ( fortunately, nobody was filming the event). The Cyborg was discharged late Friday afternoon with strict instructions not to undertake any strenuous activity until someone could work out what was wrong, or his heart resumed it’s normal rate of a couchlete, forcing him to miss his first Canberra AROC adventure race since he’d started in November 2006.

Serious looking Area51 TriHards
Area51 TriHards looking serious while they take a break and wait for some tubes

Here I should point out the most tragic part of the tale. Not that we couldn’t race, nor that some of us wound up in hospital in a ward with old people (yet again), or that some were abandoned by their own flesh. No, the true tragedy lies in the fact that Mr GPS actually considers staying in bed until 6:30 a sleep in!)

This sorry state of affairs left Mr GPS, who was busy himself in the pursuit of a golden mile, as the only member of the Canberra TriHards left. Unfortunately, having thought everything was sorted for Saturday, he’d been driving all over New South Wales with the Bamily in a desperate bid to increase the number of kilometres on the adventure buggy before the end of the FBT year. Every time he came into mobile phone range, Mr GPS would call to cajole another potential competitor to rejoin the ranks until he finally managed to assemble a team at about 6:00 on Friday night, by roping in a work colleague and haranguing the Cap’n to harden the #@&* up. Unfortunately, at around seven, as he contemplated his bruised and swollen ankle (they’re normally very dainty), the Cap’n came to his senses and dropped out of the race for the third time in two weeks. It wasn’t all bad news, as that did mean Mr GPS-who had only recently welcomed a new addition to the Bamily-would get his first sleep in for some time on Saturday morning.

So, the PANDSI (aka Canberra) TriHards recorded their first DNS, and the Area51 TriHards had to satisfy their competitive urges against the AddVenture girls’ team, who they tried to sink in the Cotter (resulting in an eight minute lead to the Area51 TriHards).

A big thanks goes out to AROC for once more organising a fantastic event on a great course, we’re a bit sad not all of us could partake of it!

Race Stats

Date: 12 February 2011
Location: Canberra, ACT
Rating: Reasonable Adventure (we washed our gear on the way!)
Area51 TriHards: Doc Runaway, Engine and McFly Time: 4:52:59 Place: 32 (mixed), 103 (overall)
Event website: AROC Sport site