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Wind, Ringins and Shocks in Shellharbour!

21 October 2010

21 October 2010

Wind, Ringins and Shocks in Shellharbour!

Two years ago, the TriHards commenced the Paddy Pallin series with a single team. Last year they started with two teams: the Canberra TriHards and the Area51 (Sydney) TriHards. This year, we fielded three teams! If we keep going like this, in approximately 197 years, the race wll consist of only TriHards teams! That makes our aspirational goal of podium placement completely possible!

This season has a shake up in the TriHards teams. First of all, we welcomed Engine into the fold. Engine is an experienced adventure racer, and very good navigator - not to mention fit. So, he was sent to the Area51 team, which now consists solely of Sydney residents, to replace the Cap’n, who is, after all a Canberran. That also meant that the Sydney team had the three fittest TriHards, so we’re expecting great things from them this season.

Nine TriHards standing in a row!
All the TriHards, happy, clean and cold before the race!

This reorganisation left us with four TriHards looking for homes - that is, one full team and one reserve if you think that way - which sounds kind of like glass-half-empty kind of thinking! No, we thought of that as two teams which were one person down! So, Mr GPS and the Cap’n split to form their own team, recruiting another member along the way; while the Cyborg and Father Brendan stayed true to each other and recruited a ringer for the Sydney race.

This will all change again for the Canberra races, where the Sydney team will remain the same, but the Cap’n will split from the Canberra TriHards to reform the TweeHards (a team of his own creation). Once again, this has the potential to leave four TriHards looking for homes. With our ringins returning to their own teams, we’ll have a couple of places open if you’d like to try out a race.



A big thanks goes out to AROC for once more organising a fantastic event, and for continuing to hold it when others may have bailed. Great fun was had all around, and not since the adventure race of ought seven have the TriHards had the opportunity to get their adventure gear out for a good, soaking wash!

Race Stats

Date: 16 October, 2010
Location: Shellharbour, NSW
Rating: Reasonable Adventure (all our gear was cleanish!)
Area51 TriHards: Doc Runaway, Engine and McFly Time: 5:11:42 Place: 35 (mixed), 102 (overall)
Canberra TriHards: Big Dave, Cap’n and Mr GPS Time: 4:27:10 Place: 36 (male), 63 (overall)
PANDSI TriHards: Cyborg, Marina and Junior Time: 3:46:57 Place: 5 (mixed), 30 (overall)
Event website: AROC Sport site

Lessons Learned:

  1. Always follow the instructions.
  2. Ringins are a good thing.
  3. A bit of nipple protection (for the boys) is better!