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17 May 2010

17 May 2010


Two tips which come up relating to the night before a big adventure race or event are: eat a good, hearty, high carbohydrate meal, and get a good night’s sleep. In their usual style, the organisers of the Wild Endurance took care of the first through organising a high-carb buffet meal at the Carrington (which also offered deals to cater for the second).

But the team that sleeps together stays together. And the TriHards always endeavour to share common accommodation on their away trips. Now, normally this is done by staying a cabin at a caravan park. After all, luxurious accommodation would be wasted on the team when all they want is a few hours sleep prior to an event. But the Wild Endurance is not a normal event, and the TriHards team for the Wild Endurance was not a normal team! So, for around the same price as a caravan park cabin, the TriHards secured luxurious accommodation in Katoomba in the form of Harrys Lookout.

And it truly was luxurious! (Well, by TriHards standards!) Every team member had a bed. With a mattress. And electric blankets!

The freezer was big enough to fit in all of the team's water bladders.

It had central heating!

And a huge room to sort through and pack all their gear for the race (without dumping stuff all over beds!)

And a spa bath! A spa bath!

Now, the TriHards took the view that on this occasion they had a five person team. There were the four members doing the trekking, and the Immoral Support Crew, perhaps the most important member of the team, who was going to look after them. The Crew was giving up a good weekend to help out, and so it was sensible to book the house for two days, so the Immoral Support Crew had a comfortable place to stay while the trekkers were busy wearing out their feet. So, as some TriHards were struggling down the golden staircase approaching Katoomba, one was relaxing in a nice, warm spa bath...

Harrys Lookout was a fantastic place to stay, with great check-in/check out procedures (the key is in a lockbox at the house, so there’s no trying to get to an office during working hours to pick them up or drop them off!) And the owners were very nice, and understanding of what the TriHards were up to, even suggesting that Max was welcome to stay! We’d thoroughly recommend the place to anyone staying in the Blue Mountains (and we’d thoroughly recommend visiting the Blue Mountains just to check out the scenery, and maybe venture out for some of the fantastic walks on offer).

Check out their website for more information!

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