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Licence to Ride

27 September 2012

27 September 2012

Licence to Ride

The Sasquatch

The Cyborg once more found himself within the confines of M’s office, which looked remarkably like an oval. After hurtling back to the Cyborg, and spitting the a saliva-coated ball at his feet, M looked up at the Cyborg:

“So, Cyborg, how did you go at the Back Yamma?”

A grin spread right across the Cyborg’s face, “I had a great time!”

“Spoken like a true TriHard - no mention of times, positions or placing, just how much fun you had! And the Cult of Singlespeed threat?”

Bearded Mountain biker
The Beard

“Sure, the singlespeeders are out there; but they’re a fringe element and don’t mean anyone any harm. Well, apart from the Beard who, word has it, put an attack on at the very start of the race to break up that elite pack. But that was just a bit of fun, and those whippets deserved it anyway.”

“No, we didn’t think so either. We just made all of that up to distract you from the fact you had to ride 100km. And it seems to have worked, you rode 100km, and you rode it well. So, welcome to the century club, 00D.”

“You made it up?” queried the Cyborg, a shocked expression on his face, “What about the SRAM guys and that wicked Chinese burn? Was that just to make it believable?”

“Oh, them. No, they had nothing to do with us. In fact, I have no idea how they knew you were doing the Yamma, or were given the assignation 00D. Perhaps they read the TriHards website. Anyway, they were probably just showing off the benefits of twisty-shifts. You know, you could improve your shoulder strength by throwing that ball a few more times...”

And that’s how it happened; how the Cyborg finally attained his 00 status. Many thanks go out to the organizers of the Back Yamma, Rocket on 2 Wheels, and all the sponsors: Rio Tinto, Merida, JetBlack, Central West Off Road Bicycle Club, Netti, Rudy Project, Contental, Bryton, enduro Pulse, Shotz, GWS Personnel, Craft Queen and Forests NSW. The course, organization and atmosphere are fantastic, making this a superb mountain biking event. A great event for the first-timer, the first 100, or even the more serious rider.