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Part 1: Mr White

30 August 2013

30 August 2013

Part 1: Mr White

The cold, misty morning found the 00D running along a fireroad astride Mt Taylor, showing a little too much Canberra Pearl (that would be the hue of a Canberran’s skin in deepest, darkest winter). Fortunately nobody had the misfortune of beholding this site, as it was far too early and too cold for anyone but those few crazy people who consider running in the morning to be a good thing. Not that 00D thought it was a good thing - this was far from his idea; as has been well documented on many occasions: he is not a runner.

Picture a greyhound at the track, racing after a rabbit, a blur of legs racing along the track - but if you slow it down, you’d see a relatively graceful gait. This is nothing like 00D runs. He likes to think of himself more like a Border Collie; a working dog. Excellent at sprints, turns, short bursts, and resting; not necessarily all that graceful, but effective - and there is grace in that. But that’s just how he imagines himself. In reality, he’s much more like that clumsy labrador you see at the dog park, bounding from here to there, with one part of it’s body running in one direction, and the rest still moving at right-angles to it. The dog most likely to run straight into the light pole, or fence. That would be the Cyborg.

No, he was out on this cold, miserable morning because M had set him some new training:

“Listen, 00D, it’s time you thought about cross-training. All this riding cannot be good for you,” he had said; while 00D gazed at him, awaiting the suggestion of more walks, “And, apart from that, have you considered what may happen if you have a catastrophic failure of the bike; a snapped chain, or flat tyre?”

“I have bits, ” replied 00D confidently, “I can fix those.”

“Perhaps, perhaps.” muttered M, ”But what if you can’t. What if it all goes wrong. You must be prepared, and willing, to run it out. And, let’s face it, you probably run faster than you ride. ”

So, the time-restricted 00D replaced one of his work riding commutes with a running commute; which is how he found himself running along a firetrail on a frigid morning, contemplating the fact that he couldn’t feel his fingers, yet his shirt was soaked with sweat.

Just as he fell deeper into contemplation, an alert sounded over his radio; “Warning! Zombies approaching!” - instinctively he picked up his pace - tall, grey shadows began to emerge from the mist surrounding him materalising as a mob of roos and 00D’s heart rate monitor exploded. Fortunately, after evading the zombies, he picked up another pair of pants...

Zombies, Run really does make running easier, but can be quite dangerous for runners with active imaginations...

Stay Tuned: 00D’s Adventures continue in Part 2: The Beard and Mr Green