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Part 8: Unfit for Duty

30 August 2013

30 August 2013

Part 8: Unfit for Duty

Upon examination, the first aid crew determined that 00D was in fairly good health considering what he’d been through; they suspected he had a broken rib, but at least didn’t have any obvious signs of concussion or other major damage. They suggested the best course of action would be to visit a hospital, and offered pain relief and an ambulance to do just that. Visions of the adventure truck being locked in the paddock came to his mind and, given he was still ambulatory, 00D passed on the kind offer and said he’d walk out. After all, wasn’t this precisely the scenario that M had been training him for?

So, everyone went their separate ways, and 00D began the 5-or-so-km trudge back to the hub. Every rider - or new friend - passing by checked to see if he was okay, and offered assistance; every time 00D assured them he was okay, and provided a brief story about what had happened - a 100km race can be a very long and boring affair, and quite lonely at this part of the field, the least he could was provide some entertainment!

But then came a Ryder not content to hear his story; “What, are you crazy? You’re walking back, with a broken rib? Pushing your bike?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. I’m doing okay. It’s only a few kms.” replied the Cyborg.

“No way. Give me your bike, I’ll push it for you. Besides, I had a bad prang yesterday and my legs are sore, I think I’ve had enough.”, obviously trying allay any guilt 00D may be feeling at ruining his race...

Seeing how he was already injured, and this new rider stood head and shoulders above 00D, he thought it best not to argue, and they both walked and talked down the firetrail.

But they were riders, all this walking became a tad monotonous - and they could see the hub just on the other side of the steep gully; except there was that steep gully. Without his climbing gear, there was no way 00D was going to make it through! So they investigated for a while, before giving up and returning to the road - just in time to see the first feed station!

Ryder dashed over to seek help in getting back to the hub - 00D was shocked when the Beard turned around to face him, “No worries boys, I’m heading back to the hub in a second, I’ll show you the way!” And within 10 minutes they were walking through the finish arch! The Beard took his leave to continue with his Back Yamma duties, and Ryder assisted 00D all the way back to the Adventure truck, where Engine took over caring duties and began to formulate a plan for the best care of the wounded 00D.

After, of course, getting a steak sandwich. Broken rib or no, a man has his priorities!

Stay Tuned: 00D’s Adventures continue in Part 9: Four Wheels for Home