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Part 9: Four Wheels for Home

30 August 2013

30 August 2013

Part 9: Four Wheels for Home

Emergency Ward Sign

The very capable medical staff at Parkes hospital determined that 00D’s rib was probably cracked, not broken - and in any case the treatment was the same - pain relief. After a full physical to ensure he wasn’t concussed and okay to drive home, they provided him with some panadeine for the trip, then something stronger for later, with the warning: “Okay, this hurts now, but I’ve noticed you have bark off in several places; you’re going to start to feel that in the coming days.”

The TriHards, and the Cyborg would like to thank everyone responsible for organising the Back Yamma - it was yet another fantastic and friendly event, another “must do” on the TriHards calendar. It is well organised, with a great course, but most importantly, has an atmosphere like no other. It’s well worth getting along to.

And the Cyborg would like to thank Engine, and the Canowindra crew for their hospitality - and offers to look after him afterwards should his injuries prove too much to drive home.

And, of course, many, many thanks go to the rider who picked him up from the dirt (apologies for not getting your name!), the SES and St John’s volunteers who so ably assisted, and Ryder who gave up his race, and ride, to walk several kilometres through some really nice mountain biking course - and the Beard, who ensured it was a few less kilometres of walking!

And, yes, Max was correct: even walking out (injured) proved to be faster than riding out for 00D; and he was not subsequently recruited for any power-generation plans; he wasn’t even invited to join a bushwalking club!

There are more photos up on the TriHards Facebook page and some here.