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27 March 2013

27 March 2013


Like any good 00-level agent, 00D knows that the most important part of any mission is preparation. So, the weekend before the Capital Punishment saw the 00D engaged in the best training for a mountain bike ride: riding a mountain bike up a mountain. Stromlo Mountain - which had recently undergone some serious work on the standard green trunk loop (that is, the easy main loop up and down the mountain). Two tracks in particular, Skyline and Luge, had been smoothed out so much as to make them dangerously fast for the 00D (but great fun for everyone else!)

The Capital Punishment course finished with this loop, so it was indeed good practice. And practice he did, he even formulated a strategy for riding up the mountain - and coming down. He chose and practiced line after line, determined the best places to pedal hard and to rest, and contemplated the way of least effort given that on the day he will have travelled some 90km to get there.

All the while his mission was not far from his mind: he constantly wondered how he could possibly keep up with the likes of Mr Green, who would be starting in the elite pack - more importantly - it wasn’t just a matter of keeping up; it’d be catching up too, for 00D would be starting back in the friendly part of the field. The task seemed impossible.

But then, a new thought came to his mind. Did it matter? Surely if Mr Green had a plan to use riders as some form of alternative energy generating source, then he’d be using all riders, not just the super-efficient leaders of the pack. So, just by being in the race the 00D would effectively be surveilling Mr Green, or at least his plan in action.

His mind thus at peace, the Cyborg once more began to focus on his race.

Sleep Another Day

Final preparations are an important thing for any sort of race, all the more so for a LDSD event such as the Capital Punishment. So, 00D’s day started with a warm up at 4:15, when the Work Experience Kid dragged him from his sleep and around the neighbourhood. M came along as well, just to ensure all went smoothly and to give 00D his final briefing.

“Your theory makes sense 00D; just keep an eye on proceedings and look for anything fishy. You’ll have 00C supporting you again, and you’ll have more support coming in at the conclusion of the punishment. But remember, this Canberra’s 100km race, in it’s 100th year, so be sure to stomp on anything untoward you may see happening!”

“Yes, M. I’ll remain alert but not alarmed.”

“Now, throw that ball again...”

And so, in no time at all, the warm up was complete and 00D was back at home geared up, and drinking a bucket of coffee, waiting for 00C who showed up right on time. Both agents, now comfortably seated in the Adventure Truck then joined the convoy heading out to Kowen - if this race was going to be a bastion of carbon-free clean living, it certainly wasn’t off to a good start!

Stay Tuned: Cyborg’s Adventures continue in Part 3: Octopushy