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Rest Another Day

27 March 2013

27 March 2013

Rest Another Day

Riders had 55 minutes to complete the untimed section, which started at the McKenzie St entrance to Majura and finished at the base of Black Mountain - just before some nasty, gnarly firetrail riding; so it was a good idea to get some rest, and food at the feed station. Though, it was awfully tempting to stop at an impromptu feed station put on by a spectator - he’d wheeled out his bbq and was preparing bacon and egg sandwiches for riders! But 00D had work to do; he had to surveil the field, and determine (and put a halt) to any funny business!

The second feed station was open to the public, so many partners and families had gathered to meet their riders, resulting in a happy, friendly atmosphere. With water. And snakes. 00D used the opportunity to top up his water, throw down a gel and rest for a few moments, before heading out at a calm and relaxed pace towards Black Mountain. He was familiar with the rest of the course after doing the 50km in previous years. And, really, now it was just the 50km without the horror of Hackett Hill; or the stupefying singletrack of Majura. How hard could it be?

First, there was the Black Mountain climb, then the drop, then the climb again. And another steep drop, followed by another steep climb, and on, and on. This part of the ride would be really great fun - akin to riding a rollercoaster - were it not for all the baby’s heads on firetrail ready to send the unwary rider crashing and rolling along the hard, rocky ground.

Out of the rocky rollercoaster, and it would be relatively straightforward riding, which was fortunate as 00D’s legs were starting to feel the effects of a long day in the saddle; and his stomach was no longer enjoying the sports drink - which was all he had. Still, a short ride through the arboretum, then a slight climb to the base of Stromlo and there’d be another feed station where he would find water. Fresh, clear water.

Except that the aboretum was now established and open. So, while riders could still ride the nice, flat, smooth dirt roads at the font, that was not the Capital Punishment way. Besides, there was a red arrow involved; and they always point up. The course climbed a huge hill by way of a dusty firetrail; with 00D arriving just as the clouds cleared and the sun began to beat down furiously to make up for hours of being hidden. Or it may have been midday. From the top of the hill the course became a rollercoaster once more, though this time without the baby’s heads, which made for a lot of fun, and in far too short a time, 00D was on the long, slow climb towards the looming Mt Stromlo.

The grind up the Cotter Road was familiar, and relatively short, and there were a few cheering spectators on the way who helped raise 00D’s spirits, and in no time at all he found himself back in single track, though this time the dusty singletrack of Mt Stromlo. On trails he’d ridden just the week before. And, for what must have been the first time ever, Fenceline didn’t slow him down - though this may well have been due to the fact that 00D had well and truly slowed down before starting it!

Stay Tuned: Cyborg’s Adventures continue in Part 6: Quantum of Solids