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A Quantum of Solids

27 March 2013

27 March 2013

A Quantum of Solids

And then it was the 90km feed zone. Stocked with water. Beautiful, fresh, clear, non-sweetened, water. 00D threw down two cups, before he saw the watermelon... The scouts had even removed the rind, which was unfortunate as it made it easier to eat; so piece after piece was scoffed down...

So, with a belly full of watermelon and water, 00D began climbing the mountain. He made it through Cockatoo Switchbacks before his stomach started to protest at the sudden influx of watermelon. By Blue Gums the watermelon had strangely morphed into rocks in his stomach - unless, of course, it was always rocks and he’d just been hallucinating when he ate it. He pushed on anyway, climbing upwards and upwards, until he reached Rocky’s and thought to give his protesting stomach the opportunity to resolve the issue; which it didn’t take.

The view from atop Mt Stromlo
Now it's all downhill, right?

After a little breather, and a chance for the rocky watermelon to break down in his stomach, 00D took off once again, with a little more vigour. Though, his fatigue was showing; he was riding sketchy lines, hitting every root and rock on trails that just week he’d ridden through smooth and free.

Mountain bike single track
00D heading into the home stretch.

Then he hit Skyline, where there were no rocks, no roots, just smooth, undulating track - it was almost like riding a magic carpet! The freshly-worked Luge followed, with all the berms smooth and fast, making for an excellent run down the mountain. And just to really cap things off - for what was probably the first time ever, 00D managed to take the B-line past the really rocky bit at the bottom of the Luge (where he’d flatted last year!) Then it was just a matter of flying down the Old Duffy Decent, through Rascals, and onto the Crit track for a hero sprint at the end... (Which really looked much more like a casual ride around the block) to find Miss BeerMiddy, 00C and the Work Experience kid waiting for him.

Stay Tuned: Cyborg’s Adventures continue in Part 7: Yellow Eye