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Yellow Eye

27 March 2013

27 March 2013

Yellow Eye

Happy labrador
The Work Experience Kid

The whole contingent met up with Tom, from AROC for a quick chat, though which the Cyborg was able to subtly ascertain that there were indeed no suspicious goings on, that Mr Green in fact had very little to do with the race (apart, of course, from riding) and that it was all just another great event put on by the AROC time. Coincidentally, at the same time the Work Experience Kid managed to subtly ascertain that Tom didn’t keep a good hold of his steak, which was soon lost to the bottomless pit known as Buddy.


Cleaned, changed and caffeinated, 00D reported back to M.

“Well, I never saw Mr Green from start to finish; but I didn’t see anything suspicious either. It was just a really, really good race.”

“And you’re not sore, you’re not tired?” inquired M.

“Well, a little tired, but I feel fine.” replied 00D.

Meanwhile the ever-vigilant Miss Beermiddy was looking at her floors, and followed a rather messy trail of blood back to M:

“M, you’re injured!” she exclaimed.

“It’s just a scratch,” he reassured her, looking down at a large gash in his foot.

“Scratches don’t make a mess of my floor,” she replied coolly...

And so 00D dashed out the door once more, carrying M in search of safety.


As usual, many thanks go out to the great team at AROC Sport for another fantastic event - and big thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it such an enjoyable race!

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Stay tuned: 00D will be back in From Husky with Hate!