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Report by Doc Runaway

Report by Doc Runaway


“...So honey, you know I love you... and well... the thing is... you see... I’ve entered another Fun Run.” Thus began my preparation for the 2009 Rebel Sport Run4Fun. The running widower gracefully acknowledged he would spend another Sunday morning alone and wished me luck.

I arose early on the morning of November 8th and kissed the Snot Boy goodbye, as he did his best impression of sleeping beauty, and headed for Olympic Park.

The crowd at the start
Another crowded start

I had carefully chosen one of Snot Boy’s complimentary airline pyjama tops to wear to the start, so if it got lost tears would be minimal. You surely wouldn’t expect me to sacrifice one of my items of couture?! After stowing said top and joining the queue for the mandatory wee break, I headed to the start line early. There were three classes, sub-40mins, sub-50mins and joggers. I searched in vain for the ‘Just here for the photo op group” and settled for the joggers.

After receiving a farewell from the awesome two-time Hawaii Ironman Champ Craig Armstrong I set off at a blistering pace - just kidding. We had to walk for a little while until the crowd thinned. But it was nice to view the park at a slower pace and take in some Olympic Atmosphere! I settled into a steady pace, set my iPod to shuffle and chose an arch-enemy. The brunette wearing a Mission Australia shirt (MA), twenty feet in front of me. MA paced well, and we to’d-and-fro’d throughout the 10km course.

After passing the tennis and hockey arenas, we headed back up Olympic Boulevard and down to Dawn Fraser Avenue, where, quite appropriately, the heavens opened and a light smattering of rain could be felt. Back down towards the Mountain Bike track and past the volleyball arena and we were heading for home. It was atmospheric as we rounded the last bend towards the Olympic Arena itself and could hear the faint cheers of the crowd.

Doc Runaway
Still looking fresh!

As we headed down the ramp, the blue line of the Marathon from nine years earlier was still visible, it was nice to think that in nine years, we were the first ones to follow that route below the stadium, to come out on the green grass of ANZ, I put in a final sprint in the hope it would bring me closer to my goal of sub-60 mins. As I put in a final burst, I was rewarded with a time on my iPhone timer of 1 hour 2 minutes and 28 seconds!!!

Finishing at the stadium
We had a stadium finish!

Overall, another great Fun Run for the calendar, and a HUGE thanks to another Army of volunteers who collected our jumpers, tended our wounds, handed us water and all in all made it all possible.