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MacPac Koala

A review by Mr GPS

A review by Mr GPS

MacPac Koala

This is the bottom of the range baby pack from MacPac, my first comment is that it strikes me as being of excellent quality, we have used it for quite a while now as our daughter has been getting bigger and largely speaking (some of the orange is fading and there may be a few sweat marks around where my neck sits) it is wearing very well, no stitching is coming apart and zipper still feels new.

Mr GPS carrying Mini-Miss GPS on Koz
The TriHards, including the littlest TriHard on top of Koszcuisko

This pack had largely the same look as all the packs we looked at before purchasing, though I like the orange and navy mix and this pack covered the aluminium tubing that is used in the frame to give a bit more storage then some of the others.

Comfort - this is the one down side with this pack - it has very limited adjustment with the hip support and straps (most likely because it is the entry level model). This does not pose any issue for me as the placing is pretty much perfect for my height, however Mrs GPS basically can’t use it as the hip support sits in the wrong place.

Mini-Miss GPS in the MacPac on Pigeon House
She was content all the way up in the MacPac

Accessories fit well, I would recommend the Sombero and Rainbow as essential if you want to be outside, we also used the Rainbow ( rain cover) to cut the wind when we were walking up Kosciusko, worked a treat.

Conclusion: Excellent piece of kit, just make sure it fits correctly before you buy is as there is limited adjustment.

Rating: I give this 8 out of 10.

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