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Review Philosophy

Welcome to our reviews section, we hope it’ll be of some use to you. We post reviews of gear we use, and operators we enjoy activities with, so hopefully it’ll serve as a bit of a guide when you’re buying your next bit of kit or planning your next adventure.

Okay, first, we should let you know a bit about our review philosophy, so you know where we’re coming from.

1. We only review what we use.

We don’t see any point in trying to write a review about something we haven’t tried ourselves-preferably a couple of times (if you see a review about something we’ve only tried once, that means it was so fantastic we couldn’t wait!) Everything we write in our reviews is based on our actual experience, probably under harsh racing or adventure conditions.

2. We don’t get paid for reviews.

It would be really nice if we were paid in the order of tens of thousands of dollars for comments, but we’re not (maybe because we’re writing stuff on the internet, and not working in am radio). We don’t want any potential for bias in our reviews, so we wouldn’t accept payments. Though, if you want to send us free stuff to review (such as Gu sending us all of their flavours) we’d be more than happy to try it out and write it up!

3. We don’t post bad reviews.

We think reviews should be about stuff that works, not stuff that doesn’t. So we won’t post a bad review about a piece of kit or operator that we try.