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A review by the Cyborg

A review by the Cyborg


You know, I’ve never had to worry about chaffing before, it’s just one of those things that happened to other people. Sure, I got blisters. And sunburn. And, of course, sore. But I’d never chaffed. At least, not until about a year or so ago. I would like to think that it’s because over the years I’ve grown fitter, with better endurance, so that my runs and rides have become longer which means there’s more rubbing, more chaffing, winding up in pain. The far more likely explanation, of course, is that I’m getting older, and I have more loose and saggy bits which bounce and rub as I run.

Bodyglide stick
The pack has a huge capacity of 20L to carry all you'll need in a race, it even has water bottle pockets on the side!

Whatever the cause, I’ve started chaffing. It started with tender nipples after a long, sweaty run. And that’s not good when you consider the fact that one of those long, sweaty runs is my commute to work. Nobody likes to see a man with hard nipples in a communal change room. And, knowing that k-y probably wasn’t the best option, I went out looking for other solutions.

And there are a few. Various powders and creams; even tape. Ultimately I went with Body Glide. I remember it being recommended by AROC during one of their race information nights, and it was in stock at Runners Shop on the day that I went (and clearly visible, so I didn’t need to ask anyone about it!)

Applying it is easy enough, it comes as a stick, so you turn the knob at the bottom, and the stick raises from the container. You then wipe it across bits that chafe, and bingo - chafe no more! It’s not sticky or runny, I found that it sits on my skin more like a layer of soft wax, which I completely forget about. As such, it doesn’t stick to my clothes or mark them at all. Which is really handy on those days when the run to work took just a little longer than expected, so I wasn’t quite as thorough as I could have been in the shower.

In the time since I’ve started using BodyGlide my training load has also increased. My runs and rides are longer. There’s more sweat, more rubbing, and it hasn’t let me down yet. In fact, I’ve started applying it in more places for a more comfortable runs. I use it maybe three times a week, and I’m still on my first, year-old stick, so it’s certainly well worth the money.

Most of your local sports shops should stock it.