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cowboy at 95km mark

Mysterious Stranger, Drop in, Ringer



Mysterious Stranger, Drop in, Ringer

Some say he’d killed a man up in South Dakota and was on the run from the law, others told tales of having his heart broken by a woman of tragic beauty, then there were tall stories about gambling debts and lost Inuit golden fortunes. We’ll probably never know what led this gun-toting, horse-wrangling mystery man to wander on to our team, but we’ll always be glad he did.

The Cowboy, a Wyoming boy by origin, moseyed into the TriHards on his worldwide travels to endure possibly the most demanding of all TriHard events, the Wild Endurance. In true Cowboy style, he bowed his head and trudged quietly through the ever-increasing training runs, with Doc Runaway nipping at his heals, regaling him with horror stories from the year before.

Picture of the enigmatic Cowboy
Cowboy ready for action.

Little is known of where the Cowboy came from, or what had happened to his horse. We knew he was a man who walked with a determination to escape a past we dared not ask about. We knew not what drove him, but whatever it was, it drove him 100km through terrain as rough as guts, not for the faint hearted.

Legend will tell of The Cowboy, a man who ran half marathons up shear cliff faces in South Dakota and sent the Flintstones flying! How he dragged himself almost on hands and knees through the last 10km of the Wild Endurance. How he had barely eaten in the week leading up to the event due to illness, but still managed to front for the team. How he ambled off into the sunset, leaving as unobtrusively as he’d arrived, with a vague promise to return to do the North Face 100 next year, should McFly and Doc be up for it.

We’ll remember the Cowboy, hoping he one day returns to continue the legend...

Favourite Sayings: “Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens”, “Pain is weakness exiting the body” (We’ve never really heard him say much more than that.)
Race Highlight: Eating at checkpoint 1 of the Wild Endurance, the first time in three days he’d held something in after a nasty hospital-grade lurgy he’d picked up form the renal ward at Nepean Hospital.
Worst race injury: Lurgy prior to the Wild Endurance!
Favourite piece of kit: Biscuits that taste like chicken!
Paddling Position: Paddle? Cowboys don't paddle; they ride their horses in the water.