Mr J

Mr J

Enigma, Mystery

Mr J, Mr D

Enigma, Mystery

Generally speaking, the other TriHards write the profiles for the subject. However, we knew little about the angst-ridden, enigmatic Mr J, and had great difficulty coming up with a profile on our own. We didn’t even know what the J stands for. Could it be jovial? Jolly? Juxtaposed? Heaven forbid, Junior? Could it be a twist on Mr T (though, we’re almost certain he’s far too young to know who Mr T is!)

Being the smart (and adventurous) people that we are, we elected to solve this problem by sending an Intrepid TriHard Interviewer (ITI) in to find out more information about the enigmatic Mr J. So our intrepid reporter ventured into the dark domain of Mr J’s cave to see what he could find about the mysterious young man.

Mr J
Doesn't even look like he's working...

ITI: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Mr J. How are you feeling, are you relaxed and happy to have a chat?

Mr J: S’pose.

ITI: Right. Well, first off, congratulations: you achieved an excellent result in your debut outing in the Canberra Times Fun Run

Mr J: Thanks. (He actually smiled at this point) I whipped the ’Borg in that one.

ITI: Yes, well, you know, it’s more about beating yourself than anyone else...

Mr J: Sure it is.

ITI: Okay, well, let’s not dwell on that... We noticed you were running with an MP3 player, do you think that helped? What sort of music were you listening to?

Mr J: Oh, you know, my music.

ITI: Your music? Okay. What sort of music do you like?

Mr J: Stuff, you know, bit of metal, bit of skater. You wouldn’t know it.

ITI: Okay. Well, what other TriHards activities do you like doing?

Mr J: I climb with the TriHards.

ITI: Do you like that?

Mr J: It’s okay.

ITI: Okay, how about you tell us something about yourself then?

Mr J: Like what?

ITI: Something people might be interested in, you know.

Mr J: Interested in me? I’m just a regular guy. Nothing to see here.

ITI: How about what the J stands for? We’re having a bit of a contest about that back at TriHards headquarters. Nothing to do with Mr T?

Mr J: Who’s Mr T?

ITI: Yeah, that’s what I thought. So, what does the J stand for?

Mr J: Jou’ll never know.

So, there it is, the mysterious Mr J revealed. At least as much as we could pry out of him.

Favourite Sayings: “Eat my dirt, Cyborg!”
Race Highlights: Beating the Cyborg by 10 minutes in the Canberra TimesFun Run.
Favourite piece of kit: MP3 Player
Paddling Position: I paddle solo.