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Live Free, or TriHard!

Some of the TriHards doing what they do best: posing.

All About Us

All About Us!

“No challenge too small”, that’s one of our mottos. You’ll find many more if you read through our race reports. You can never have too many inspirational mottos...

We are the hard people of the TriHards, hard as nails (yes, another motto), so long as the nail is old, rusty and bent. We’ve primarily formed a team to go in adventure races, but we’re game for just about anything and have expanded our horizons to include rogaining, fun runs and are even contemplating moving on to other challenges where there is no coffee available (so long as we can bring our own).

Who Are the TriHards?

We’re a group of like-minded, though not exceptionally athletically gifted people, who enjoy getting out and being active (though, not necessarily every weekend). Knowing there are other people in the group makes it easier for us to put together teams for races, or get small groups together for our regular climbs/training runs/paddles or whatever other activity may take our fancy.

How do I Get to be a TriHard?

It’s easy. First, donate your first born child to us. Then we put you through a long and involved initiation ceremony involving virgins, goats and blood under a fool moon near Mt Ainslie, the details of which cannot be published online. If your sacrifice is enough, and you pass the initiation, you can be a TriHard.

Or, you know, you could just be an average person keen to go out for a run/climb/paddle, enter a rice and just drop us a line. (You know, so long as you’re in line with our core belief that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game).

Do I have go in Races?

Races are the fun part! Not every TriHard races; there’s no compulsion to go into any event. It just gives us a bit of motivation to head out and train. Heaven forbid we’d be doing laps of Lake Burley Griffin just to get fit! You’re very welcome to join the Immoral Support Crew and cheer from the sidelines or turn up at the end of the race with a bbq. Hmm, post-race bbq...

What Does it Cost to be a TriHard?

Nothing. Unless you want us to be your friends too. That costs a lot. Well, except for Jack, he’ll be anyone’s friend.

What do I Get?

Sore muscles. Email spam when we’re doing something. The desire to waste money on even more kit. Meeting people who are just as silly as you and all too eager to head out for a weekend adventure. Most importantly, you’ll get a cool nickname, and a profile page. But we get to make up your profile.

Okay, you’ve convinced me. I wanna be a TriHard. What do I do now?

Email us and we’ll add you to our list so you’ll hear about it next time we’re heading out!