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Engine, Retired Superhero, Conductor

Little Engine

Little Engine

Engine, Retired Superhero, Conductor

Some would argue he ain’t little, but then everyone know he could.

Interestingly enough if he has a good race on the weekend the trains in Sydney run on time, you don’t want to know what happens if he runs out of steam.

Engine joins the TriHards as our second Freak (with McFly). Engine has chugged along with a few adventure racing teams over the years including “Undies on the Outside” and “Monkey Fortitude”. We are glad he has decided to roll with us.

Adventure racer ready for action.
Every engine needs fuel

Engine hails from the central west, as do Doc Runway and Mr GPS. Like them, he too has superb navigation skills, we are not sure if this is some sort of weird magnetic field in this area or if only those with navigation skills get out.

Favourite Sayings: I think I can...
Race Highlights: A 1L Hot chocolate served at the National Library of Australia on a rainy Mentrogaine in 2010
Worst race injury: Cramps during the Husky.
Favourite piece of kit: iPhone - not on a race obviously.
Paddling Position: Bridge