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Homing Pigeon, Spoons

Every man has his nemesis; a person that drives them, pushes them, forces them to do their best. They can be an enemy - the Joker to Batman; a rival-Sly Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger; even friends-Canbera TriHards to Sydney TriHards. Junior is the Cyborg’s nemesis. That one competitor he cannot seem to catch; who resides just out of his reach.

It started with the Cyborg’s first Adventure Race, an AROC Corporate Challenge in 2006 (1:49:12 vs 3:02:20); followed by the February race in Canberra in February 2007 (3:56:36 vs 5:46:11), in May 2008 Junior’s team beat the Cyborg’s team in the ACT Metrogaine by 370 points. In September 2008 the Cyborg narrowed the gap, finishing the Canberra Times Fun Run 11 seconds behind Junior. In the three years since they started competing against each other, the Cyborg had not defeated Junior, and almost every race was marked with a clenched fist and a cry of “Junior!” as Junior would smile and wave whilst running past the TriHards.

Adventure racer ready for action.

Now, none of this would be so bad if Junior wasn’t such a nice guy. But the fact is: he is. He’s a really nice guy. The type of guy who would stop and hand over his only spare tube if he should see you with a flat in a race. So nice, in fact, we highly recommend that should you see him in a race, you should slow him down such that you may beoth take the time to get better acquainted.

So it came as no surprise to all of the other TriHards when Junior turned up to their accommodation the night before the first race of the AROC Paddy Pallin 2010-11 season, having been drafted into the PANDSI TriHards for the race. Almost every single TriHard had a go at the quip “If you can’t beat them... assimilate them!” But that wasn’t the case. Junior has his own team; he was just filling in (did we mention he’s a nice guy?)

Junior has his origins in Tasmania; the Apple Isle, which explains quite a lot. For starters, it explains his incredible strength at paddling. After all, he’d have to paddle well to cross the Bass Strait.

It also, albeit somewhat abstractly, explains his incredible navigation skills. You see, an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but assists in the body’s absorption of iron. This high level of iron in his blood not only explains Junior’s physical prowess, but his excellent navigation skills. With such a magnetically aligned body, the man is a compass!

Favourite Sayings: What kept you?
Race Highlights: Any race in which he beats the TriHards... Oh, wait, that’s every race!
Worst race injury: Breaking ribs in the Canberra AROC in 2004.
Favourite piece of kit: Deuter backpack picked up as a prize for worst race injury in the Canberra AROC in 2004.
Paddling Position: Spinnaker

And for those of you who may be interested, here is a table comparing race results to date. Not that results matter, of course, it’s all about how much fun you have!

Event Junior’s Time Cyborg’s Time
AROC Corporate Challenge 2006 1:49:12 3:02:20
AROC Canberra, February 2007 3:56:36 4:46:11
ACT Metrogaine, May 2008 1490 pts 1120 pts
Canberra Times Fun Run 2008 0:57:07 0:57:18
AROC Canberra, November 2008 3:48:27 3:53:51
AROC Canberra, February 2009 5:06:11 5:33:04
AROC Canberra, November 2009 5:20:09 5:49:05
AROC Canberra, February 2010 3:33:25 4:02:40